Grand Desert Beach

A little gem of a beach off the beaten track.

Grand desert is an acadian village on Highway #207, the Marine Drive, approximately 20 Km east of Dartmouth.  The beach, found at the very end of Dyke road, is well sheltered and is basically on an island - one has to cross a small causeway to get there.  It is actually on Chezzetcook Inlet, hence the sheltered aspect.  The beach is not very long, however, it does have good fine sand and some stunning scenery in the vicinity.  It is a favourite venue for windsurfers and surfers alike and a great area for taking a relaxing evening stroll.  One should exercise caution toward the seaward side of the beach as there is a Ministry of Defence compound that is fenced off as there are munitions that have been washed up onto the beaches.  The site used to be a military bombing range and like all such places there is a chance of finding munitions.  The sunsets in the area are simply fabulous!!


If you do find munitions call the telephone numbers on the plethora of notices to be found around the fenced area - The bomb and mine disposal teams will react to the call.