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Fisherman's Life Museum

A Coastal Family's Way of Life

58 Navy Pool Loop, off of Hwy#7

Oyster Pond, Jeddore

Come for a hearty welcome to this Nova Scotia fisherman's house from the early 1900's.  From the crackle of wood in the summer kitchens cook stove to the smell of the saltwater breeze at Navy Pool by the ocean,  you will experience the typical life of a coastal family.  When visiting this tiny Eastern Shore fisherman's dwelling, on a beautiful lot of land at Oyster Pond, try to imagine how the Myer's family raised thirteen girls in this small house. A room built on the back with an extra window for sunlight was the special room for a daughter who was recovering from tuberculosis. Ervin Myers fished and in the winter, worked in the woods.  The family raised root crops and preserved food for the long winter months.  Life was full of hard work and life challenges, but joy and family unity as well.  This museum is a working museum, so sometimes you will see the farm animals wondering about. The museum staff always has the kettle on and cookies or biscuits baking in the oven. mmm! Public washrooms are available and there is plenty of free parking.

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Photos and information compliments of Nova Scotia Museum.

Fisherman's Life Museum, Oyster Pond
Workshops at the Fisherman's Life Museum
Tending the rhubarb at the Fisherman's Life Musuem