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Fisherman's Reserve, Three Fathom Harbour

Located off of Route 207, on the Three Fathom Harbour Road, just east of Lawrencetown Beach, Fisherman's Reserve is a quaint and active fishing village that is protected by a huge rock breakwater.  The breakwater provides shelter from the harsh Atlantic seas.  Vessels still use and need its protection.  The main fishing community is linked to the mainland via a causeway, where Acadian fishermen from Chezzetcook, Grand Desert and Seaforth have fished from for many years.   The fishermen would tend to their boats in the summer, occupying the many fishing huts that line the shore.  A wonderful place to visit, located just a 30 minute drive from downtown Halifax.

Lobster and herring are the catches you may happen upon if you venture down the Causeway road to the reserve. Traveling the 207 on a late evening in the fall, fortunate ones will see the villages on the ocean, for this is what it looks like when the boats hit the water for herring season. It is a mystical sight.


Some of the information and photos are compliments of, the official facebook page of the Fisherman's Reserve and Nova Scotia Museums.


Fishing hut at Fisherman's Reserve
A boat at Fisherman's Reserve
Capt. Purdy on his boat
An original Nova Scotia fishing village
Coastline of Fisherman's Reserve