Sports and Adventure

Canoeing and Kayaking

Wherever you may go along the Eastern Shore, there will be very few times where you are less than 1Km from a body of water.  It may be a fresh water lake, a river or the Atlantic Ocean.  This brings with it many opportunities for sport and adventure pastimes.  The focus here is on canoeing and kayaking.  Let's look at kayaking; there are basically three different environments - the lakes, the rivers and the ocean.  Each environment has a different requiremnt for the type of kayak although some people do try to use kayaks not designed for the environment they wish to experience.  The Eastern Shore has places where one can learn, rent kayaks and experience first-hand the exhilirating experience of being on the water.  If ocean kayaking is your choice, the area around Tangier is absolutely wonderful - there is an archipelago of islands that are, scenery-wise, unbeatable.  This area is the "epicentre" of ocean kayaking on the Eastern Shore - visit .  Many visitors do bring their own kayaks which of course gives them absolute freedom of where to go and when.  If kayaking from a beach is your choice there are also "ride-on" kayaks - the kind that can be seen at most southern beach resorts.  Beaches are abundant on the Eastern Shore and are some of the most picturesque in the Maritime Provinces.

Lake kayaking is also a very popular activity - we do have a lot of lakes!!  Lake and river kayaks can be rented, however, there are many accommodations that are on the water that allow their paying guests complimentary use of both kayaks and canoes.  A great resource for avid canoers and kayakers looking for adventure can be found at Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia - the website is


Pictures reproduced with the kind permission of Department of Tourism, Destination Halifax and Coastal Adventures

Canoeing at Sunset
Taking the kayak to the beach at Martinique
Sea kayaking at its best
In amongst the islands
Sea kayaking on the eastern shore
Coming ashore!
kayaking with Agg Island in the background
Sunset kayaking on Lake Petpeswick