Sports and Adventure

Scuba-diving and Snorkelling

Nova Scotia's coastline with its many coves and inlets offer the snorkeller and scuba diver unsurpassed experiences.  The Eastern Shore has so much to offer to people seeking adventure.  There are shipwrecks, great areas to view marine mammals, flora and for the most part, visibility is good.  A wetsuit, or if you are more experienced, a dry suit is a "must" if you wish to spend any reasonable amount of time in the water.  There are dive shops that run courses and dive excursions and there are also places where equipment can be rented.  Certification such as "PADI", "NAUI" and "BSAC" to name just a few will be required to go on a dive excursion or to rent equipment.
If you are a scuba diver and like seafood you can get a "Recreational Scallop License" from the Department of Fisheries for a very reasonable price (2010 price-$11.30) and go get your own supper!  Do not attempt to participate in this pastime without a license as it will be very costly if you are caught and be sure to check on catch limitations - they range from as low as 50 per day!!
The photographs have been reproduced with the kind permission of "Torpedo Rays Dive Shop" - they can be found at

Coming ashore after a successful dive
A flounder on the seabed
a Jellyfish - beautiful to observe
Experts in camouflage!!
Sea anemone