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Surfing and Sailing

Be you a spectator or a participant, the sports of surfing or sailing are truly magnificent.  Along the beaches of the eastern shore one can witness surfers every day.  What started off in the early days of the sport as fairly "basic" boarding has now moved on to spectacular experiences.  There is the regular surfing, wind surfing and now kite surfing where surfers move across the waves at a spectacular speed and go "airborne" whenever they choose.  The experts even do "aerials" !!  Although there are many beaches where one can surf, there are two that are more prominent - Martinique Beach, near Musquodoboit Harbour and Lawrencetown Beach - twenty minutes east of Dartmouth on highway #207.  At both of these locations one can rent equipment and also obtain instruction from the "experts".

Equipment, a wetsuit and the board, can be rented on a half-day or full-day basis and is really surprisingly inexpensive.  For less than $30 one can be "up and running" for a 4 - hour period.  If lessons are what is needed, $30 will get you approximately 3.5 hours of instruction in a group.  There are several surf rental outlets and there are also outlets where one can buy new or used equipment.

Windsurfing is very popular and there are many areas where one can participate in the experience - with the large number of lakes and ocean beaches almost anywhere is possible.  Grand Desert Beach off highway #207 has been a popular venue for clubs and individuals alike.  Like surfing, it is a great participatory sport and also a great spectator sport which as the slideshow will tell - an all-year- round sport.  Windsurfing photographs have been reproduced with the kind permission of the Nova Scotia Windsurfing Association -

Other photographs have been reproduced with the kind permission of NS Department of Tourism and also Happy Dude's Sufing -

Come visit; stay on the Eastern Shore and take in some real adventure!

Photographs provided by Nova Scotia Department of Tourism

Dinghys off the caost
Riding the wave
Racing event
The big one!!
Windsurfing at Grand Desert beach
Let's race
Ice "surfing" on Porters Lake
Just off Grand desert
Action surfer
Surfer Gal