Musquodoboit Trailway

Solitude and rugged wilderness only minutes from metro!

The Musquodoboit Trailway offers over 40Km of non-motorized, world class hiking opportunities for you and your family.The easy walk Rail Trail will take you through the diverse, natural landscape that borders the Musquodoboit river and shelters scores of colourful birds, small mammals, and a treasure-trove of unique flora.

The Rail Trail, as the name suggests, is a converted railbed where the famed "Bueberry Express" used to run.  The train was so named because rumour has it that it ran so slowly that one could jump off, pick some blueberries and then hop back on!!  It is a 16.5kms recreational trail between Musquodoboit Harbour Visitor Information Centre - the old railway station that now also houses a small Railway Museium and Gibraltar rock. The Trailway was the first section of the Trans-Canada Trail opened close to Metro Halifax. The designated activities for the trail are walking, hiking , biking and cross-country skiing. The trail can be accessed from the Musquodoboit Railway Museum or just below the Meagher's Grant on Highway 357.

For those of you that are little more energetic and love the "back-country" then this trail offers it all.  Separate sections have been written on each of the backcountry trails.  Detailed trailways maps are available at the Caboose Interpretive Centre or at the Visitor information Centre (VIC)

Opening day for the trail - back in the 90's!!
Beautiful Lupines alongside the trail
A path of gold - the trailway in late fall
A great place to cross-country ski!!
The gold at the end of the rainbow


Courtesy: Destination Halifax
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