Eastern Shore Cold Waters Seafood Festival

Ahoy! The cold clear waters of the Eastern Shore yield some of the best seafood in the province. Now you can sample it at its freshest: Lobsters, Mussels, Clams, and Haddock served a variety of ways, along with traditional heritage foods such as Chowder, Fishcakes and Beans, and Smoked Fish. The Cold Waters Seafood Festival celebrates the coastal heritage of Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore with seafood tastes and hands-on activities throughout the grounds of Memory Lane Heritage Village. 
Tasting Tickets: $2 each (samples will be priced in increments of $2 by individual vendors, according to market price of seafood at the time of the festival). For example 1 fishcake & beans may cost two taste tickets ($4) but 2 fishcakes and beans will cost three tickets ($6). Steamed market sized lobsters cost will vary depending on market price at the time of the festival.
All vendor offerings and prices will be posted one week before the festival, so please check the website at coldwaterfestival.ca for all the tasty details!
This is a rain or shine event. If it rains we will move inside, get cozy by the woodstove, and eat seafood! 
So come East for some great eats, live music, family activities, and skills demonstrations such as paint-your-own-buoy, dory rides, net knitting, and lobster trap building.
Location: Memory Lane Heritage Village, 5435 Clam Harbour Rd, Lake Charlotte NS
Fee: $5 admission, children under 12 free
Hours: 11 AM to 4 PM
For more information call: Toll Free 1-877-287-0697 (Local (902) 845-1937) or email: info [at] heritagevillage [dot] ca


June 6th, Saturday, 11:00am - June 7th, Sunday, 4:00pm
Memory Lane Heritage Village, 5435 Clam Harbour Rd, Lake Charlotte. Tel: 902-845 1937