Sports and Adventure


Nova scotia has seen a reasonable growth in the number of tourists who have chosen to see the province by bicycle.  Many have taken a lengthier vacation and toured the entire province while others have taken advantage of the various "tour companies" that offer cycling tours.  The Eastern Shore, with its many "fjord-like" inlets offer some spectacular cycling routes as well as some very scenic routes to or from Antigonish and Cape Breton.  The terrain is reasonable for most cyclists and there are very few, if any, "heartbreak hills".  If one just wants to arrive in the province with the more common forms of transport - by car, air or by train there are several companies that offer cycling tours -  anything from a couple of days to a week.  Most days one might reasonably expect to cover anything between 80 and 120 km on any day so if the tour thing is your choice - you should know what to expect.

Making one's own itinerary can be much more fun and more relaxed - see a place and like it?  Well just stay around for a day and enjoy.  If you are bringing your own bicycle, you might be pleased to know that most B&Bs along the Eastern Shore offer a "secure bicycle storage".  Of course camping is often the choice of cyclists with the odd day here and there to experience some "creature comforts". 

One thing that visitors must know, and a few Europeans have been caught out - it is the law to wear a cycle helmet in Nova Scotia.  Have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the eastern shore