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Benefits of Membership

  • Included with your membership is a free listing on the annual Seaside Tourism Business Association map that is distributed every year to many visiting tourists via the Provincial Tourist Visitor Information Centres and various member's business locations (approx. 20-25,000 maps in total). This map is in full colour and is used quite extensively by businesses to guide the tourists and residents along the Eastern Shore with information on where to shop, dine, visit museums, stay, find hiking trails, artisan workshops, galleries, various services and products and ocean beaches;
  • The Seaside Map costs a fraction to participate in, in comparison with other forms of advertising that are available to businesses looking to advertise on the Eastern Shore. Our map is available to consumers all year round, until the last one has been distributed;
  • Included with your membership is also a free listing with a direct link to your website (if applicable) on the Seaside Tourism Business Association website (this site).If you are a business who does not have a website of their own, you also have the opportunity to have a 'mini' website on the STBA website;
  • Being a member of STBA opens up an opportunity for you to network with other businesses in your area;
  • As a group, STBA will participate in "group" ads from time to time that will allow smaller businesses to participate in an advertisement that they perhaps might not otherwise be able to afford to be part of (i.e. The Coast "Get Out of Town" special summer edition ad 2009);
  • STBA will be running a promotional article in the Eastern Shore Gazette with a list of its member's businesses;
  • Members will have the opportunity to participate in the annual "Old Fashioned Seaside Christmas" event that is hosted by STBA each year (each participating member must pay a small fee that goes directly to the cost of the advertising and the wreaths);
  • All members will also receive a free listing on the back of the "Old Fashioned Seaside Christmas" brochure that is distributed through various participating member's business locations, the Musquodoboit Harbour Visitor Information Centre as well as other businesses in the area;
  • STBA is a member of Destination Halifax, a destination marketing organization that "promotes" the Eastern Shore and, as such, businesses in STBA can join Destination Halifax and get even more great publicity. Destination Halifax also hosts two or three "Free" seminars each year - the value of which "far exceeds" the individual cost of membership.