Ratings Explained

Accomodations in Nova Scotia must be approved by either: Canada Select, AAA, or TIANS (NS Approved).
Canada Select and AAA additionally catagorise accomodations with star/diamond ratings.

See Choosing your accommodation wisely for important new information for 2010.

Canada Select/Camping Select Rating

Canada Select is an industry led, consumer driven rating program p5roviding visitors with a nationally consistent standard of quality within categories of accommodation. Canada Select uses a recognized star rating system, awarding 1-5 stars for modest to luxurious properties. ½ stars are awarded to properties whose physical attributes reflect an enhanced level of quality. For detailed information on categories of accommodation and star rating descriptions log on to www.canadaselect.com

Camping Select inspects and rates non government i.e Provincial parks in two categories: Facility and Recreation. Participating properties will have two sets of stars; one reflects the excellence of the facility; the second rates the standard of recreational activities at the campground.

CAA/AAA Diamond Rating

CAA/AAA Diamond Rating Criteria are guidelines to designate a combination of overall quality, range of facilities, and level of service offered by a property. The size, age and overall appeal of a property are considered, as well as regional architectural style and design. 1-5 diamonds are assigned based on the overall guest impression rather than on individual criteria. “Official Appointment” properties are listed on www.AAA.com and on www.novascotia.com as well as in the Provincial Tourism Guide – “The Doers and Dreamers”.

NS Approval (TIANS)

The following is a brief summary of a full definition available at www.nsapproved.ca

The Nova Scotia Approved - Quality First Accommodations Program was developed to ensure that visitors receive clean and comfortable accommodations while visiting Nova Scotia.
The quality standards were developed after extensive collaboration with representatives of fixed-roof accommodations, campgrounds and the Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage.

Nova Scotia Approved provides you, the accommodation operator, with a quality program option that is not a rating system. Nova Scotia Approved is a benchmark of quality standards focused on cleanliness and state of repair.

2009 is a pilot year and the program is available to properties who are not currently participating in Canada Select or CAA. The program is free of charge for 2009.

Once you complete the online application, your property will be receiving an unannounced visit by our Quality Consultant who will assess your property based on the benchmark of the quality standards.

When your property meets the benchmark of quality standards, it will then be designated as a Nova Scotia Approved Accommodation and you will be eligible to participate in tourism partnership programs, sponsored by the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage.