Choosing Your Accommodation Wisely

Approved? - Help in Choosing Your Accommodation Wisely

It is important when selecting your accommodation in Nova Scotia the you select an establishment that has been approved. Only approved accommodation will have been inspected to ensure that it meets standard levels of quality.

Accommodations that have been inspected and approved by Canada Select and the AAA will be Star or Diamond rated depending on the availability and quality of facilities and services provided.

Accommodations that have been inspected by the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS - NS Approved) will have been inspected to ensure a standard level has been met.

Accommodations that are not 'Canada Select' or 'AAA' rated and do not have 'NS Approved' or who are 'NS Not-Approved' are either Not Inspected or Have Not Passed Inspection!

There is some confusion over the term NS Approved. Many accommodations will not be NS Approved because they have opted for classification under a Star (or Diamond) based rating system. This is a more costly route for the accommodation owner, but gives more information of the standard of quality of an accommodation than the pass/fail NS Approved system.

CANADA SELECT and AAA rated accommodations ARE APPROVED in Nova SCOTIA

NS Approved - New for 2010

Only accommodations that are "approved" are eligible to participate in tourism partnership programs sponsored by the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage. This includes the Check In Registration Service, representation in the Doers and Dreamers Guide and on, and distribution of the accommodations advertising media through Vistors Information Centres. This includes accommodations rated by Canada Select, the AAA and previously, those licensed through the Department of Tourism.

Starting this year those accommodations not wishing to go the full ratings route with either Canada Select or AAA will be able to obtain NS Approval.

Managed by TIANS on behalf of the NS Department of Tourism, the approval process will help to ensure that non-rated accommodation will meet "standards for courtesy, cleanliness, comfort, and state of repair".

For more information on NS Approval, visit the TIANS NS Approved website.